I have owned dogs all of my life…

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I have owned dogs all of my life, and I had never found a collar that I truly liked until I bought my first “Smoochy Poochy” collar.

Every other collar, whether it be cloth or leather, ended up smelling stinky after a few months of wear. But my Smoochy Poochy polyvinyl collar is amazing! No matter how many times my dog gets wet – I just wipe it off, and it’s like brand new.

I also use the “Smooching Poochy” hands free leash, which is also fabulous! I clip it around my waist and it allows me to keep my dog safely within my reach but, at the same time, it also allows me the use of both of my hands when necessary. It’s handy at a “leash free” park because you don’t need a pocket to store it, and again it leaves both of your hands free to play with your dog. The leash also clips nicely to a tether pole.

I love the collar and leash so much that I have actually given them as a “hostess gift” when I an invited out, or as a welcome gift for a new puppy.
All of my “dog” friends use the “Smoochy Poochy” collars and leashes – we wouldn’t consider any other product for our dogs. They also come in a variety of great colours – matching collars and leashes.

Nancy F.
Riley & Rosie